The BOX HOG seed box inverter (patent pending) was designed because of a need in the market place for a heavy duty unit that was not only rugged but gentle on seed boxes. The BOX HOG inverter is a safe, reliable and economical choice for the inverting of Buckhorn seed boxes as well as other bulk containers.

 A few key features of the BOX HOG inverter:

-Heavy duty swivel bearing

Heavy Duty Swivel Bearing

-Spring loaded urethane gripping pads can be adjusted at various positions

 -The large surface area of the urethane pads spreads the force over a much larger area than other units on the market

Spring Loaded Urethane Gripping Pads

-Adjustable arms to accommodate picking up pro boxes from either side

Adjustable Arms

the BOX HOG comes standard with slip clutches for the safety of bystanders and equipment

2 year limited warranty on all mechanical components

1 year limited warranty on all electrical components

Add on options:

– wireless control

-on board 12 volt battery